With over 60 years of experience in the automotive industry, Lakeland Manufacturing is a world class provider of automotive parts and components. We have worked with “one off” parts, prototyping and production of various components for top tier automotive companies. From design to finished part, with our in-house laser, CNC and stamping, we are able to provide our customers with a One-Stop-Shop experience.

Other Transportation

Our industry knowledge and expertise does not stop with automotive. Here at Lakeland Manufacturing we have provided manufacturing solutions for several other transportation industries including but not limited to aerospace, military, railway and heavy duty commercial transport.

Recycling And Waste Management

We at Lakeland Manufacturing strongly believe that preserving and maintaining our delicate environment is of utmost importance for the future of our planet. Not only do we strive to reduce our own carbon footprint by practicing environmentally responsible manufacturing techniques, we’ve actually also been proudly supplying components for the recycling and waste management industry for several years. 

Extrusions Castings and Forgings

At Lakeland Manufacturing, we have worked with a countless number of extrusions, castings and forgings of various materials, shapes and sizes. Our several years of experience with the machining of these extrusions, castings and forgings help us to meet strict customer drawing requirements, tolerances and deadlines.